The Malaysian Palm Oil Council is striving to strike a balance between economic development of palm oil and the conservation of the environment. This essential step of many reflects the industry’s commitments towards achieving  sustainable production of palm oil. With the creation of the Malaysian Palm Oil Wildlife Conservation Fund (POWCF), MPOC is able to demonstrate its roles in achieving this cause. The Tabin: Sabah’s Greatest Wildlife Sanctuary is an example of the Malaysian Palm Oil Council’s effort in promoting the conservation of Malaysia’s rainforests. As a co-sponsor for the development of this book, MPOC  is proud to present you this book for your reading pleasure.  We hope  more such books can be developed in future to promote the conservation of rainforests and its biodiversity among the public.

The largest protected wildlife area in Sabah, Tabin Wildlife Reserve is home to an exceptional array of Borneo’s rare and endangered species. The Sumatran or Pgymy Rhinoceros, the Bornean Pygmy Elephants, Sabah’s iconic Orangutan, the pot-bellied Proboscis Monkey and  countless other mammals are  protected here. Thanks to its mineral-rich mud volcanoes, Tabin not only sustains a  wide range of mammals but also has a fascinating population of birds, while the rainforest teems with insects, frogs, and other life. With its beautiful rivers and streams, magnificent plant life and the comfort of the easily accessible Tabin Wildlife Resort, Tabin promises countless opportunities for a richly rewarding wildlife experience.

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