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On 8 January 2019, a soft launch for the Love My Palm Oil Campaign was held at one of the renowned hotel In Kuala Lumpur. The campaign’s main objective is to foster love for Malaysian palm oil.

The event was held together with Reach and Remind Friends of the Industry Seminar 2019 and Dialogue, a yearly event hosted by Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC). The seminar was an important milestone to begin the New Year, by providing Information on the palm oil industry together with the hope and challenges that the industry faced.

MPOC Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Dr. Kalyana Sundram started the event with a welcoming speech, explaining the recent development and last year’s important issue that will impact the industry. It was followed by presentations from Deputy CEO of MATRADE, Dato’ Wan Latiff bin Musa and Bank Negara, Zulawer bin Hassan, who presented papers on new market evaluation and foreign exchange administration respectively. The events continued with an opening speech form MPOC Chairman, Dato’ Lee Yeow Chor.

The Minister of Primary Industries, YB Teresa Kok, launched the campaign after her keynote address on the opportunity and challenges that will be faced throughout the year by Malaysia’s fourth largest economic component that is the Malaysian palm oil industry. Using only 5.84 million hectares of land (as of November 2018), the industry has successfully produced 17.71 million tonnes of raw palm oil. This gives Malaysia the ability to produce 31% of the world’s palm oil production and 38% of the world’s total export.

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A special video message from the the Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Tun Mahathir Mohamad was also shown. Tun Mahathir explained about the benefits and the nutritious value of palm oil that is safe to consume and has been the choice of many people, as well how palm oil is not the cause of deforestation because the country emphasises on forest conservation with over 50% of Malaysia land mass is covered by forest. He also mentioned that the anti-palm oil campaign is orchestrated to sway buyers to reject palm oil as they actually arise due to the competition between competing vegetable oil. The Prime Minister is honoured to support the Love My Palm Oil Campaign initiative as he sees it as a good effort that will benefit Malaysians and the economy of the country.

Love My Palm Oil Campaign involves various activities that are jointly held by the Ministry of Primary Industries and MPOC. Some of the activities include planting a million seedlings, and palm oil ambassador program, the palm oil ambassador program is an effort done to educate university students in understanding the importance of palm oil’s nutritional and economic value, and then to pass on the knowledge to friends and even the public.

Held together with the campaign is an online contest where those interested can visit for the chance of winning interesting prizes. Contestants have to correctly answer a few questions on the topic of palm oil in the website which will be followed by a monthly random draw.

Other activities include the World Palm Portraits photography exhibition, cooking competition between schools, mural painting on walls that are placed in tourist hot spot.

YB Teresa also welcomes the participation and corporation of companies in the palm oil industry to support the planned activities in order to make it ever more successful.

Following the launch, a dialogue with YB Teresa Kok was held to enable various questions, issues and problems to be answered, which also concluded the event of that day.